Welcome to Sagabol Disability Service

Sagabol is dedicated to giving people with disabilities greater choice, control and
freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms.

Our Mission

At Sagabol we believe in challenging the status quo to create a society that is fairer and
more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our Services

  • Assist Personal Activities

  • At SAGABOL we provide support of the highest standard that promotes our participant’s independence, dignity and choice.
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  • Learning and Life Skills Development

  • We offer hands on experiences to provide you with the skills to access the life you want.
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  • Transport

  • If funding for transport supports are included in your NDIS plan, we can offer transport to activities in your community.
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  • Social and Community Services

  • SAGABOL’s community participation support is designed in collaboratively with each person and their families.
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  • Support Coordination

  • SAGABOL provides Supports Coordination to NDIS participants.
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  • Therapeutic Supports

  • This involves a qualified counsellor to work with a Participant on a one to one basis.
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  • Household Tasks

  • SAGABOL helps enable people with physical disabilities to live independent and active lives.
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  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living …

  • SAGABOL provides support to people with complex and profound disabilities.
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