SAGABOL’s community participation support is designed in collaboratively with each person and their families.

Our community participation services aim to link you to your community and to social and recreational activities that are tailored to your passions and interests. SAGABOL actively supports people to engage in volunteer work with participants making a fantastic contribution to community across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, and Beenleigh Regions. Our service delivery is flexible and can be tailored to whichever day of the week or time of day is most suitable for the individual.

We will help you lead an active life with social connections and interests. Our services are focused on supporting each person to build their skills and capabilities to become more independent and participate in the local community. Our experienced, qualified staff offer a ‘person centred’ approach to build on each individual’s strengths and interests. We respect and encourage all individuals to try new things and experience real life opportunities in both individual and small group settings.