We offer hands on experiences to provide you with the skills to access the life you want.

We can support you to build essential life skills to enhance your independence. This can be provided one-on-one or in a small group setting.

Our Hall, which features a large kitchen provides a great space for participants to practice new life skills of their choice. These activities may include daily living tasks, meal preparation, computer skills and internet safety, budget preparation, health and safety at home and social skills.

Our programs are structure flexibly so that a participant’s specific learning needs can be met. Our programs are fun and the skills that people develop are both transferable and complementary and support their growing independence.

We also support participants to practice their new skills in the community. To do this, we look for opportunities to connect with people by eating out, joining groups and visiting community venues and events. Travel training, such as road safety and using public transport are other skills that can be practiced in the community. We can also support participants to explore work experience and volunteering opportunities.